Widely spaced teeth, possible causes

When the teeth are widely spaced may represent a temporary condition while carrying out the development of permanent teeth, although this condition can also occur as a result of various diseases or steady growth of mandible.

Of course aesthetically when talking about an ideal smile, the teeth should only be touched or be far apart, or stacked, which is another aspect to the contrary above, where the misalignment runs overlapping or crooked teeth. For people who have the teeth too separated from each other is a phenomenon that can occur when the jaw grows too quickly, leaving more space than needed for natural eruption of each piece.

A wide spacing between teeth besides impact the oral aesthetics , can catch as many food particles after meals and these translate into the food of bacteria generating various oral diseases when oral hygiene is poor.

For these cases there orthodontic treatment system as Invisalign that has become a popular option for patients who do not want to use unattractive metal appliances during orthodontic treatment , since in this method reposition teeth using a series of Removable trays and transparent plastic.

Causes could determine a wide interdental spacing:

  • Acromegaly
  • Syndrome Ellis-van Creveld
  • Some kind of injury
  • Morquio Syndrome

Spacing temporarily while the normal development occurs Periodontitis-

  • Sanfilippo Syndrome
  • Displacement caused by the lack of teeth

Diagnostic tests that may be done are usually; the normal, facial or cranial dental radiographs.

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