White Teeth: Ways to whiten

Tooth discoloration can be caused by many different factors. Some of them affect enamel formation, while others cause stains in it. The discoloration may be uniform or in spots or lines. You may also discolored areas present a density different from the normal enamel porosity. The factors influencing the color of the teeth may be genetic, congenital (present at birth), infectious and environmental.

Why stain teeth?

There are multiple causes that cause teeth to become more obscure and / or soil, such as:

Medications: There are some medications that when taken (by the child or pregnant woman) when the teeth are developing, they are pigmenting cause. Among the best known find the “Tetracycline”, which are antibiotics that contain minerals in significant quantities?

Beverages: Usually, people accustomed to drinking large amounts of tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices and red wine stains present on the surfaces of the teeth.

Snuff: Smokers, as a rule, always have stained teeth. The cigarette smoke contains chemicals that strongly adhere to tooth surfaces.

Dental Materials: Dental amalgam fillings eventually cause tooth discoloration due to mercury in its composition.

Fluoride: Although fluoride is an element that helps prevent tooth decay, if ingested in large amounts when the teeth are developing, causing stains on the enamel.

Age: With age, teeth will acquire a yellow-brown hue due to increased mineralization of the tooth structure.

How to remove stains from the teeth?

  • Infusion of roots: For external use the roots of plants such as the Marshmallow, Licorice , Alfalfa or prepared horseradish infusion and swish applied twice daily
  • Sage: teeth whitening naturally good advice is to rub the teeth with fresh leaves of Salvia
  • Oxygenated water: Teeth whitening , occasionally rubbing with a cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide cotton sanitary
  • Strawberries and apples: eating strawberries, apples or chewing salvia leaves not only provide many vitamins and help cleanse the whole body, but also will whiten teeth gradually.
  • Romero: rinse teeth with rosemary infusion, 2 times a day, mark the difference in a week.
  • Lemon: Teeth can also rub the white part of the skin of a lemon.
  • Black Poplar: The infusion of black poplar acting teeth with a whitening effect.
  • Aloe Vera: The gel of the aloe plant has multiple bactericidal, depurative, antiseptic and preventive if chewed.
  • The mixture of sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide and olive oil in a ratio of 1-1-1, also allows bleaching and salivary pH balance, thereby favoring the acid pH prevents the accumulation of plaque in the teeth. Ideally, rinse your mouth with this mixture twice a week.

To remember

Pasta not bleaches your teeth, but that does not help darken. Baking soda whitens teeth, but simultaneously also removes the surface layer of enamel is abrasive action.

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