When the shape of our teeth we dislike

It is very common that our teeth do not have a way we want, but we can change this condition with a choice of several dental procedures to improve the aesthetics, so it is important to know to make the best decision on our teeth.

Among the procedures to change the shape or appearance of our teeth while maintaining correct functionality are the following:

  • Dental bonding: in this procedure professional apply a resin tooth-colored on the surface of the tooth , which will harden with a special light that bonds the material to the tooth, and can also improve the aesthetics, bridging the gaps between teeth , repair small details and smooth the rough edges.
  • The dental crowns: teeth are shaped ” cap “that is placed over the tooth cementing in place, thus enclosing the entire visible part of the tooth and can be combined with porcelain or metal. This treatment restores  natural tooth form, contour and appearance.
  • The veneers: This very thin covers made ​​of the color of teeth, with materials such as porcelain or the resin, being attached to the front  surface of the teeth, whereby an optimum aesthetic effect is achieved  and at present are very popular, since results are very satisfactory.
  • Remodeling or restructuring, this dental procedure removes small  amounts of enamel of the teeth, with the goal of changing the length,  shape or surface of teeth to improve their appearance while respecting  its correct functionality.

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