What is tartar? How is generated and ways to avoid

Tartar or calculus is hardened plaque on the teeth surface, distinguished by their yellow or brown.

Tartar buildup varies depending on the person, their eating habits and routine oral care it takes. It is believed that this accumulation increases with age and is considered one of the causes of bad breath. Not prevent the formation of plaque causes gum irritation, which is the following step gum problems. Also, if this problem is not treated can trigger tooth loss.

How is it generated?

After eating, food residues remain in the mouth (especially those rich in carbohydrates that adhere more easily to enamel) with millions of bacteria, forming plaque. And when we fail to remove in time, it hardens creating tartar or calculus. Brushing alone does not eliminate it and that is why we opt for a professional cleaning.

How to avoid it?

The most effective way to prevent tartar buildup is removing plaque. It is ideal brushing three times daily, or as directed by the dentist, using a toothpaste with antibacterial agents that help prevent buildup and flossing after every meal.

Do not forget to visit your dentist at least twice a year, and once formed tartar can only be removed through a professional cleaning.

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