What is a dental irrigator

Waterpark irrigators is a brand dental cleaning the teeth, gums and whole mouth using water pressure. The irrigator dental clean the mouth with a water jet that the company says is 93 percent more effective than toothbrushes.

The dental irrigator with shelf

The oral irrigator began as a tool and now has evolved in two versions: the one with a shelf to place and free of much simpler cables. The irrigator shelf is a much more equipped and has 10 settings for water pressure and many adjustments model. The most current irrigator has a brush attached to the user to clean your teeth with the water pressure and brush them at the same time.

Because it is better?

All Waterpark devices are very different and perhaps are better than just brushing and flossing because the water pressure reaches much deeper than any toothbrush places. an reach up to 4 mm below the gums. People who use this device instantly feel the cleanest mouth. Removes more plaque than any brush and floss.


In a study at the University of Nebraska it found that brushing teeth with pressurized water is 93 percent more effective than any toothbrush. Another study at the University of Buffalo found that people who used pressurized water compared to a simple cleaning of irrigation, were more satisfied with pressurized water.


For those who wear braces, Waterpark irrigation apparatus may work better than using a toothbrush. Cleans teeth more easily as the water and reaches the tightest spaces.