What Can You Eat After Teeth Whitening

About forty-eight hours after exposure to teeth whitening gel, the surface thereof is predisposed to stain again because the enamel pores are opened by the action of the gel, which is why you should be aware of what you take you to the mouth in the hours following the completion of tooth whitening because it would be a shame to return the teeth to stain after the investment in both time and money.

In this article I will not make a detailed list of each of the foods that could stain your teeth again after dental whitening done, as this list would be enormous. But if you’re a regular consumer of red wine I advise change you white wine for the following days after bleaching. If you usually drink coffee or tea, it would be better to replace milk or water, as these are neutral and minimize the possibility of staining the enamel again.

Other products to avoid in forty-eight hours after the tooth whitening are soft drinks like Pepsi or Coca Cola, pasta sauces, green vegetables and fruit juices, can safely eat other foods such as chicken, cheese, fish, rice and fruits like bananas or apples.

Obviously you should not smoke during this time period, and if you can keep forever better keep doing it yet.

After they have passed these critical forty-eight hours, you can eat anything that causes quietly you. After a year or two after bleaching, you can do a refresh with some recommended by the treating dentist home system, to remove stains that may have formed in this period of time and so that we can return to its original whiteness of your teeth.

Remember that any questions you have can consult your dentist, and he will tell you what suits you according to your particular case.

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