Things to take for severe toothache

The best method to relieve pain caused by a toothache is to consult your dentist or doctor. A proper medical evaluation is important to ensure that there is an underlying problem. However, there are several known remedies that can soothe the effects of a severe toothache.

Liquid relief

You can mix a tablespoon healthy amount of salt and water to relieve some of the pain. Basically, a small glass of warm water and some regular salt to complete this mix is needed. After stirring to balance it , pour some in your mouth and swish do this for all the time you can. Spit it out and then starts again. Do this a few times and the pain should subside.

Another liquid that can provide good pain relief is alcohol. Pour some bourbon, vodka or whiskey in his mouth and addressed directly to the fluid around the painful tooth. Spit it out and rinse a couple of times.

Another liquid that can be put around the mouth is hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too overwhelming, dilutes the peroxide with water before rinsing. Again, he directs the liquid to surround the painful tooth.

Vanilla extract is another source that can provide pain relief. Get a cotton ball and wet it with the vanilla extract. Put it directly on the tooth and hold for a few moments.


There are two different applications that can provide relief aspirin. The first is simply taking aspirin orally for pain relief. The second type of application requires a little more work. You can take an aspirin and hold on the tooth of the problem as it dissolves or you can crush an aspirin and mix it with water. If you crush aspirin, mix with water to form a paste.

Once you create the paste, applied directly on and around the painful areas. If you choose this method, it is important to note that aspirin can cause a chemical burn if you are sensitive to direct application. For this reason it is recommended to continue with the use of more conventional oral aspirin for pain.

Unconventional remedies

There are a variety of remedies for toothache pain unconventional that can help reduce pain. You can buy a cucumber and cut into thick slices. Keep the slices in the tooth and around it. For best results, consider cucumber cool before use. The cool factor can act as a catalyst to increase the positive effects of pain reduction.

Another remedy is to place a stack of dried peppermint leaves around the painful tooth for about 15 minutes. When the time is up, spits leaves. Do this about 10 to 15 times a day for best results. Mint leads to abscess near the surface before acting as a device against pain.

Garlic can also act as a painkiller for toothache. You can place a clove of garlic with a little salt mine directly on the tooth. This can relieve pain and help relieve the infection that is causing it.