Pasting vampire fangs your teeth

As the most essential element of a costume favorite and lively Halloween, vampire fangs are generally available in stores costume, festive shops and even in stores in the fall. Unfortunately, most vampire fangs lack their ability to stick to the teeth of the wearer and be authentic. Improve your vampire costume using a technique economic and suitable to work even with the most accessible of trinket shops fangs.


  1. Melt the craft plastic pouring white plastic beads in a cup full of water. Place in the microwave and heat on high temperature for a minute at a time, controlling the beads after each minute. Melted know they are especially when they have changed completely from opaque to transparent.
  2. Place the melted plastic cup using a fork. The melted parts stick together, although you may need to use the fork to join them a little. Let the hot plastic to cool for about 10 seconds. Then, take it carefully with your hands (still be hot) and starts to mold, knead as if it were clay.
  3. Fill the hollow area of the gum / upper tooth vampire with soft plastic, pressing it against the cavities and smoothing then to the top. Work quickly so that the plastic soft and clear follow when finished. If it begins to cool and harden before you finish, use a fork to dip it back into the hot water and softened again.
  4. Molded plastic to make it right in your teeth. Lame your upper teeth and your lips to cover them with saliva perfectly (this will prevent the plastic you stick) and press the fangs against your teeth, pushing them so that they sink into the soft plastic, making a mark. Leave the plastic in place until it hardens (this takes a couple of minutes) and then remove them (will come off easily).
  5. Rinse fangs and let dry.
  6. Paste fangs denture glue. Use a small drop of glue on the tip of your incisors (first, dry them), then presses.