Oral hygiene in use of implants

The care of hygiene mouth is critical for health. Mouth, although it is not easy to believe, is one of the dirtiest parts of the body due to the large number of bacteria that can grow because of ingested food. Therefore, if proper oral hygiene is not done, we run the risk of infection or damage any of the teeth causing their loss. Often, the pieces are lost for other reasons and the dentist needs to place prostheses or implants, which require specific hygiene.


Cleaning the teeth if you use implants

  1. Technological advancement has made things much easier for those who must wear dentures, allowing aside the old and annoying prosthesis and move to a fixed implant dentures. Implants can be sanitized in the same way as natural teeth, only with the use of the brush, dental floss and a good mouthwash. Instead, loose dentures require greater attention because the hooks can retain debris that end up causing infections if not properly removed.
  2. Proper oral hygiene involves removing food waste not only teeth but the whole mouth. Both natural teeth and implants need to be sanitized between three and four times a day, which would be equivalent to saying that you should wash your teeth after every meal.
  3. The flossing is essential because, often, the brush fails to remove all dirt between the teeth. To do this, cut a piece of floss about 10 centimeters and pass it between your teeth by removing food debris. When passing the thread through an implant, be careful not to apply too much force because you can make the implants moving or sometimes loose. Do not forget that, even when the fixed denture is very safe, it is still an implant with which it must maintain some care.
  4. Then brush thoroughly in a suitable brush teeth. Always try to choose those that reach even the most hidden parts of your mouth. You can brush your implants the same way you do with your natural teeth, just remember not to overdo the pressure you exercise over them. Do not forget to brush your tongue, in her thousands of bacteria that are often not considered when oral hygiene are deposited.
  5. Complementing you can use, finally, a good mouthwash will eliminate possible bacteria that may have to stay in your mouth and give you a nice feeling clean, plus it improve your breath. Remember to keep your mouth clean and maintained is also synonymous with health.