List of foods to eat after extraction of a tooth

After extraction dental, you have to follow a diet of liquids and food soft for one or two days, leaving spicy foods, hot and soft drinks to avoid irritation and pain. Fortunately, you have many choices of food to eat after a tooth extraction, and no need to starve.

Meat, seafood and meat alternatives

You have many options protein then you extraction. The tofu prepared in any form, is a soft food you can eat with little difficulty. Likewise, many kinds of white fish and fish soups, cakes and fish sticks are relatively easy to chew. Certain types of meat are also possible options. The meatballs are relatively soft and can be cut into pieces, as the forms of chicken and meatloaf.

Dairy products

After extraction of a tooth, you’ll be able to eat most types of cheese, especially soft like blue cheese and brie. Yogurt, smoothies and yogurt-based drinks such as kefir, will be relatively simple to eat. Tube yogurt is a great snack and can be frozen, providing an additional benefit numb sore gums. The ice cream is also easy to eat and numbs your mouth.

Breads and grains

Soft breads without pieces of grain or seeds are your best choice after a tooth extraction. If necessary, remove the shells and log your food into small pieces. Puddings, muffins and soft tortillas are the easiest. Many grains, because of their small size and relative tenderness, are a good source of nutrition after extraction of a tooth. These include rice, pasta, kasha, grits, risotto and polenta. A meal pasta with sauce on top will be relatively easy to eat and give vitamin C, lycopene, some fibers and carbohydrates.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits, perhaps, by their relative hardness can be the most difficult to eat after tooth extraction foods. However, you can cook vegetables steamed until tender and cut into small pieces. This method works for most kinds of vegetables, especially carrots and other root. You can step on potatoes; Eating avocados, which are soft in any way and prepare humus on small pieces of bread.

For fruits, applesauce or banana tread are your best choice; fruit juice is a quick source of energy, but does not contain the fiber that makes it so important to the fruit. Since the fruit will be harder to eat after extraction, consider supplementing your diet with extra vitamin C.