How to remove stains snuff denture

Prostheses dental, unlike the teeth natural, can acquire certain spots beverages like tea and coffee or snuff. There are many products of cleaning in the market, although some items home you too can be useful for removing stains from teeth. Proper care and use of cleaning products will ensure a prosthesis unblemished.


  1. Treat stains before they appear. In this way, you will not have much work to remove them. Prevention is as easy as the practice of oral hygiene every day. The American Dental Association recommends that denture brush daily to remove food and plaque and maintain a healthy mouth.
  2. Rinse the teeth of the particles that have accumulated throughout the day. This is important to remove large pieces of food sticking in the prosthesis. You should not use hot water because it can damage the teeth over time.
  3. Wash your teeth every day. Using a soft bristled toothbrush or brush to clean dentures. Stiff bristled brush can damage teeth surface. Also recommend brushing with toothpaste prosthesis. Toilet soap and mild liquid dish washing are also recommended to clean the denture products.

  4. Uses a denture cleaning product specially formulated to remove stains from snuff. There are many products for patients who wear dentures and smoke. For example, Provident Smokers serves to remove stains snuff. It also works, like others, to remove stains from nicotine.

Tips & Warnings

  • Brush teeth with a non-abrasive product can help prevent damage to the prosthesis.
  • Do not use bleach if you do not want gum lose their color? The gum pink hue may change or to even disappear.