How to clean false teeth with brushes for dental prostheses

The teeth hairpieces require care and attention. Most of the pieces of this type of dentures are best cleaned using brushes for prostheses. Proper brushing will keep the appearance of your teeth and help they last longer.


  1. Remove the denture and rinse your mouth with some water lukewarm tap for a few seconds. This removes all large particles of food that are sticking to the teeth.
  2. Put a small amount of paste to clean dentures or liquid soap on a brush false teeth
  3. Brush top teeth first with a smooth movement back and forth. Be sure to spend the brush on all the front teeth. He then proceeds to clean the back of the upper teeth.
  4. Follow the side sections of the upper teeth. Brush both the front and rear sides of all teeth using the same motion back and forth.
  5. Take the lower teeth and brush them in the same way you did with the upper teeth. Start with the front of the front teeth and then goes to the back of them. Ends brushing the front and rear of the side teeth of the lower jaw.
  6. Massage the gum area of false teeth with the brush. Brush the areas that come into contact with the mucous membranes of your mouth.
  7. Leave your dentures soak in warm water with a tablet for dentures overnight for additional cleaning.