Home remedies for inflamed gums

Gum inflammation is a fairly common problem among the population that can originate for various reasons, but especially appears to poor oral hygiene, by which the gums become infected and inflamed, causing pain and even being able to bleed. The plaque found in our teeth is a mixture of bacteria, debris and saliva that needs to be removed frequently to prevent infections in the mouth.

However, it is common to see inflammation at one time or another throughout our lives, so, we bring you some home remedies for inflamed gums. Remember that it is essential to visit your dentist every six months to keep teeth healthy and strong.

Causes of inflammation of the gums

Before starting, it is important to consider what the reason for this problem may be. It is mainly caused by gingivitis, a mild disease of the gums that not only causes inflammation, but also irritation, redness and bleeding when brushing teeth or flossing. It is usually produced by the accumulation of bacterial plaque and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent its deterioration.

On the other hand, other factors can cause inflammation of the gums, such as incorrect alignment of the teeth, bad fillings, fungal infections, lack of vitamin C or iron, hormonal changes or systemic diseases such as diabetes, leukemia and AIDS.

Correct cleaning

Faced with this problem, the most important thing is to take care and clean your mouth with care and dedication to ensure you eliminate as much dirt as possible. We recommend you to opt for a toothpaste and a special rinse for these cases, which you can find in any pharmacy or trustworthy pharmacy. Brushing and massaging our gums can be effective.

Rinse with salt

Salt is a natural product with highly useful antibacterial properties when it comes to reducing the appearance of bacteria in our mouth that can make the situation worse. In addition, it contributes to a better blood circulation of the gums, relieving inflammation and bleeding. Rinse your mouth with warm water and salt a couple of times a day and you will notice the result.

Lemon juice

Lemon is another food with great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that helps to cure our gums and any wound in the mouth. As in the previous remedy, try mixing warm water with a little lemon juice and rinse your mouth with it. Keep in mind that it will also help to refresh your breath.

Aloe Vera

This plant is extremely useful for a wide variety of conditions; its medicinal properties are widely known, both to take care of ourselves inside and outside. That’s why we encourage you to apply it to your inflamed gums; it is as easy as cutting an aloe Vera stem to extract the gel and rub it several times a day on the gums.

Thyme infusion

Thyme has always been considered an excellent remedy to strengthen our teeth and avoid loose dentures, since it takes care of our gums and keeps us away from oral irritations. Pour a spoonful of thyme into a cup of boiling water and wait a few minutes; let the infusion cool and rinse your mouth with it.

All these remedies will be useful for mild gum inflammation, but do not let time pass if the situation worsens and visit your dentist to analyze the state of the mouth and apply the appropriate treatment.

This article is purely informative, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the case of presenting any type of discomfort.