Hidden braces, effective treatment for adults

A beautiful denture opens doors and this is clear to many adults who decide to correct their teeth despite the passage of time. That is why the waiting rooms of orthodontists now are not only the scene of teenagers brought by their parents to correct crooked teeth, collapsed due to lack of space or excessively distanced. Gradually more and more adults over 30 years old choose to put on braces to correct the position of their teeth.

For them, dentistry has advanced in the development of lingual braces, that is, they go on the inside face of the teeth.

The treatment is indicated especially for adults who have the pending issue to correct the position of their teeth, either because they stopped their treatment during adolescence, did not have the resources to do it or concluded it successfully, but over the years they regenerated rotations of some teeth.

“Those who undergo this treatment of hidden braces are usually professionals who know that the bad position of the teeth gives them a disproportionate image, but they are not willing to wear front or vestibular braces for professional, aesthetic reasons or because it reminds them of an adolescent image”.