Gingivitis increases due to lack of oral hygiene

According to information from the Ministry of Health, caries problems are increasingly present at an early age, a very poor prognosis for oral health in adult life.

Dental professionals warn about the lack of a culture of dental hygiene, which should be installed at an early age, even though a proper technique of brushing and flossing would save many problems and a lot of money in the care of diseases that could have been avoided in adulthood.

Good dental hygiene does not take more than ten minutes, but letting it go can severely affect your health and your pocket.

Although gingivitis and periodontal diseases can be easily and economically prevented, by brushing your teeth three times a day, these diseases occupy the second place among the 20 leading causes of no communicable conditions and are above conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and ischemic heart disease.

Specialists that gingivitis is the previous step to periodontal disease and if the latter is not attended to in time can cause loss of dental structures and support bone structure.

He warns that these conditions can cause serious and even deadly complications, since they are related to heart and kidney diseases, among others. According to the expert, gingivitis is an infectious inflammatory disease that is located in the gums. It begins with the inflammatory process due to the presence of dentobacterial plaque or layer colonized by bacteria.