Fear of children going to the dentist

Despite the fact that today dental treatments hardly cause discomfort, many people are still afraid of going to the dentist, with children being the most affected group in this regard.

With the aim of preventing the small patient from developing fear of a dental visit, it is very advisable to come from very young to become familiar with the environment and it is also a way to prevent the possible habitual dental pathologies that deserve a more complex and annoying treatment in comparison to a simple routine review.

Is it advisable for parents to be present during dental treatment?

There are many children who ask to come to consultation accompanied by their parents, being especially advisable in children up to 3 years to facilitate the tranquility of the patient as a greater ease of working with the specialist. From 3 to 4 years it is convenient to enter alone however it is an option to choose for the patient.

Tips to overcome the fear of the dentist

  • Treat your situation with the specialist. It is a very common phobia for which you should not be ashamed and, in this way, you will have the understanding and simplicity of the person who is going to treat you.
  • One of the best we have to overcome the fear of the dentist is knowing the environment.
  • Unlike years ago currently dental treatments are not painful so you will only feel discomfort during the dental visit.
  • You can be accompanied by a relative or partner to make your fear of the dentist more bearable.