Electric brush vs. manual

Surely soon you have to renew your toothbrush and do not know which one to choose. Are you hesitating between a manual toothbrush and an electric toothbrush? You probably do not know what the peculiarities of each of them are and that is why you are so undecided. It is normal to get lost among the whole range of brushing products offered by the market for oral health care. Today, we are going to tell you about the main differences between the two most used brushes: the manual and the electric.

For starters, you do not have to ignore the rumors that run about electric brushes and be afraid of them because those that are guaranteed by dental associations are not harmful to health and neither are they an advertising hoax. Moreover, several scientific studies have confirmed that an electric toothbrush reduces bacterial plaque more times than a manual toothbrush.

And, in addition, without filing the enamel since they do not exert too much pressure on the tooth. This model completes the oral cleaning more quickly thanks to the rotation alternation of its head. Nor will you need to make much effort, the teeth are much cleaner from the surface with a first pass. Some of these latest-generation tools for oral hygiene  they include an acoustic signal that obliges the minimum duration of 2 minutes of brushing, as recommended by the international health organizations, which must be their duration.

Unlike the electric toothbrush, the manual that has been used for so many years, is indicated to be used by people who have undergone oral surgeries and still have the painful area. This type is ideal for these users because they can control the speed with which they clean the sensitive area. You can also control the pressure and strength with which you brush so as not to cause pain to the gums. Another advantage that the manual brush has with respect to the electric, it is that the latter can detach its wires during the process of brushing people with orthodontics or brackets.

The professionals of dentistry usually recommend this model more for children since its size adapts more to their hands but even so the innovation the market has allowed the development of electric brushes that have adapted to them. The Oral B brand has been a pioneer in this regard and offers you several types with prints of your favorite cartoons to make your brushing time as fun as possible. Try to encourage them with the oral electric brush b.

Although both brushes enjoy great advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing is to choose the one that best suits your needs. But first of all, take the decision you make, you must know how to brush your teeth in the best way. The most correct brushing should last at least two minutes, you should insist especially on the line next to the gums, the back teeth of difficult access and especially in the areas where they have made some kind of repair. To finish this process use a mouthwash or mouthwash.