Aesthetic considerations of orthodontics

The dental malpositions, and other abnormalities of the oral cavity, can severely impact the functionality of the teeth. Moreover, at present we cannot forget the aesthetic considerations of our smile, something that becomes more and more relevant over time. The truth, the mouth is our letter to the public, a form of expression that defines our character and identity. Therefore, modern dentistry has developed orthodontic techniques, and correct functional problems, take into account the aesthetics of the smile.

Ceramic brackets

Given the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry, have been devised ceramic brackets, which help maintain a good image of the patient during treatment. The braces are tooth colored or transparent, and this trait which distinguishes them from more traditional brackets. From what has functionality concerned, the results can be compared to those obtained with a treatment of steel brackets. Besides being much less noticeable than traditional, ceramic brackets are more comfortable for the patient, since it does not tend to irritate the gums.

Despite its many aesthetic considerations, it is important that the patient consider the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic brackets. Thus, you can test the most suitable orthodontic option for him.

The Invisalign technique

With Invisalign, correcting the smile no longer an ordeal. Throughout aligners virtually transparent and removable as manufactured, the technique allows straighten teeth and achieve adequate end position thereof. The truth, Invisalign is a type of comfortable, effective orthodontic and also corrects a patient’s smile without interfering with your daily life.

Many patients who have been treated with Invisalign, being truly satisfied with the results. However, it is important to note that not all patients will be the ones to undergo the treatment. Depending on the dental problems and characteristics that present each, dentists Clinics Propdental value which is the best option. Therefore, it is also necessary that the patient considers the advantages that Invisalign can offer as well as drawbacks.

Aesthetic considerations of orthodontics have evolved at a frantic pace and to impressive levels. Dental aesthetics demand response has been fully satisfactory, both in the course of treatment as regards what results. Actually, there are now a variety of techniques, including lingual braces, those that are placed on the inside of the teeth. Thus compromising the aesthetics of the teeth during orthodontic treatment is no longer common practice.

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