A bridge or a dental implant is preferable?

Have you lost a tooth and do not know if it suits a bridge or a dental implant? I already went through that process, so I’ll tell you what the difference is between the two. Stay until the end to have items to help you make the decision yourself.

In most cases of single tooth loss, partial absence of several teeth, you may replace them with a fixed porcelain bridge.However, this requires lowering neighboring teeth adjacent to the empty space to cover them with porcelain and hold bridge.

If those neighboring parts it is healthy is a carve them grief because they could weaken, but if they are damaged, it may be better to cover them with the fixed bridge, restoring and strengthening damaged parts and replacing at the same time / the missing pieces.

The biggest drawback to personally see the bridges is precisely the fact that to replace a missing piece, you need to touch the surrounding parts. This coupled with the situation that placed even with the bridge, you cannot stop bone loss in space of the tooth, is for me a very big concern.

The truth is that for some reason my teeth have not been strong and if I’d already had one loss and to replace it, will weaken others, makes sense to me, because in my logic also these may eventually be lost. And it’s the last thing I want!

If you really want a long term solution there is nothing better than a dental implant done. A dental implant does not damage neighboring teeth at all contrary to the bridges that must rely on healthy teeth to hold on, just say that you know the great benefit that means using implants instead treatment.

When we speak of a dental implant us comes to mind is that the cost can be much higher than other procedures, but the truth eventually turns out to be more economical, and more so if you go to a specialist clinic in dental implants. In my case I took the decision because the dental implant cost only 40% more than the bridge, but with the ability to last over 20 years verses the 10 years that gives me the bridge.

Example: If you are missing four teeth, you can have four separate implants, each with their own teeth or also it can be planned to have 3 or 2 implants and create a crown and a structure on them. Each treatment will change the price – typically from less implants lower cost.

Another thing that worries us is not only the price, but whether a dental implant is painful, just hearing that word before wanted to run!! But really, implant placement is not painful, really!! It is an operation that usually lasts at most an hour for a single unit. (Remember it also depends on other treatments do you need specialist).

A while ago I got an implant to correct a missing tooth, and the truth has been great. Since I am a little scared made ​​me dental implant placement under sedation and it was great … I did not learn anything, Thank God!

The post-op: super good, ibuprufeno took some 24 hours, a liquid diet, rest and some ice and perfect. Some swelling in the face, but nothing major.As the wound bled a little during the 24 hours that I was cleaning and go.

Is more traumatic for me, bring a tooth-believe while my bone implant integrates everything else. Within a short time I put the final crown!

In my opinion, if we lack natural pieces it is best to replace them as similar as possible to the natural tooth dental implants are much more stable.

If you do not have convinced more research, ask opinions of people who have tried dental implants. But do it today. So as you least expect it to heaven will laugh out loud in front of your friends!

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