Foods enemies of oral health

Just as there are foods that promote good oral health, there are others that are not so good that they can be harmful for a healthy mouth and white teeth.

Take note of the foods that cause the following alterations in your smile and control them in your daily diet.

Cariogenic foods the best nutrients for bacteria to develop tooth decay are foods rich in sugars. Sugar is not solely responsible for caries but also foods rich in complex carbohydrates (starch). Consumed with other foods are much less cariogenic, so you should avoid eating between meals (typical of sweets) or just at bedtime. Foods to consider: pastries, pastries, sweets, chips, white bread, sugary cereals, cookies, soft drinks and energy drinks. The stickier a food is and the more it adheres to the teeth, the more harmful it will be to the dental plaque!

Foods that erode the enamel. Acidic products such as carbonated drinks (whether dietetic or not), citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit …), wine, vinegar and pickles (such as pickles), etc. They can erode the tooth enamel and, with it, increase the sensitivity of the teeth. Some of the foods mentioned are healthy, however, in people with hypersensitivity it is better not to take them in excess. These foods can have a very acid pH, so that they are not so aggressive can be consumed along with other more alkaline and neutralize the effect. Try accompanying the pickles with a little raw vegetables, take the wine glass with a piece of cheese, mix an acid fruit with yogurt, even drink drinks or fruit juices with straw to reduce contact with the enamel.

Foods that stain teeth Coffee, tea and wine are the known enemies for a white smile. These drinks not only stain the tooth enamel, but another of its particularities is that they dry out the mouth quickly, either because of the caffeine content or tannins, and cause oral problems. In case of consuming them, it is convenient to drink water afterwards and brush your teeth to maintain our oral health. Other foods that can be dyed are: dark fruit juices, some sauces (soy, vinegar …), beets, among others.